Ceiling Fan Installation


Considering adding a new ceiling fan to your room? Or maybe you have a ceiling fan in need of repair or replacement? Well, either way, SG Electric can help. Not only are ceiling fans nice to look at, but they also provide many benefits to your home or business.

  • Ceiling fans can lower a room’s temperature about 4-5 degrees
  • Ceiling fans can keep you warm, as well as cool
  • Ceiling fans lower heating and cooling bills
  • Ceiling fans can be used indoors or outdoors or both
  • Ceiling fans act as an attractive source of light
  • Ceiling fans provide just the right amount of light. Not too little, not too much.

Save money and spruce up of any room with SG Electric

Lower utility bill and add just the right amount of decorative appeal to any room with the installation and/or replacement of a ceiling fan. Our team of licensed electrical contractors is trustworthy and experienced, and we serve all of Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA and surrounding areas.

So contact us today!

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