Electrical Service Panel Upgrades


Older buildings may be charming, but they can also be expensive and dangerous. The increasing advancement of technology has rendered many older electric panels insufficient. It’s ok if you’re unaware that your home or business could have a problem, most people are. 

Older or damaged electric panels put too much stress on your home’s electric system, which eats up energy and could cause a fire. It’s hard to tell whether you need a panel upgrade, but that’s why we’re here.

Some symptoms to look for include:

  • Flickering and/or dimmed lights
  • Insufficient power throughout the house
  • Your breakers may trip frequently
  • Fuses that blow more than they should
  • Appliances struggling to run at full power
  • And more

Home or business electrical panel upgrades are more complex than one might think, and you should NEVER to attempt to fix any of the problems on your own. Whether it’s just looking over the panel or testing it for efficiency, these tests should always be done by a trained expert.

SG Electric is available via phone or e-mail, so contact us if you would like one of our electricians to come to your property and examine your electrical panel system. We will search throughout your electrical system to determine if an electrical panel upgrade is necessary.

Choosing the correct type of breaker panel upgrade differs based on a variety of factors, like energy capacity, codes for your home or business, and the overall specifics of your system. 

We offer 100 amp, 200 amp and 400 amp panel upgrades, and we proudly serve all of Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA and surrounding areas.

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