• Electrical Code Violation Repair

  • At SG Electric, we have handled many code compliance projects on homes and business buildings. Work of this nature is usually time sensitive and understand the importance of getting the job done right, quickly and efficiently.

    Commercial property owners and homeowners are subject to Occupancy Inspections to ensure that the electrical systems meet the current standards. If code violations are found and reported after the inspection, you need to act quick. This could be the difference between your business being shut down or not. If these violations are not rectified quickly, an inspector has the authority to shut down access to the building until the violations are fixed. 

    So, make sure you contact SG Electric immediately.

  • code violation repair

    Not sure what to expect? Tips for passing an initial electrical code inspection:

    • Tie your ground wires together in each outlet or electrical box
    • Fire block any holes from one wiring passage to the next
    • Plug all holes in receptacles
    • Cover all wires with wire nuts
    • Secure all electrical cables in the correct fashion

     Again, this is not guaranteeing a pass; as there are many more standards, your electrical system will have to meet. This just gives you the opportunity to have an expert electrical contractor to fix any issues ahead of time.

    If you think any of the above tips aren’t completed in your home or property, call us ASAP. Do NOT try to do any electrical work on your own. It’s not safe. Only licensed professionals like our electricians at SG Electric should handle and electrical repair or installation work.

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